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Noise - a problem that we very often encounter in both public and private interiors. In the home environment, it can have a long-term undesirable effect, and at work it can reduce productivity by up to half an hour a day. It is precisely for office spaces that we offer elements that eliminate noise and ensure the necessary peace of mind for employees.


Do you need acoustic elements for your office or other space? Do not hesitate to contact us and together we will find a suitable solution.

Acoustic elementsthey are made of materials that absorb sound vibrations, using different types of fabric-upholstered acoustic foams for these purposes. In addition to excellent acoustic properties, these elements are characterized by the fact that they create a pleasant atmosphere in the interior, you can choose from a large number of shapes and colors.


These elements can take many forms. The most frequently used areacoustic tiles, which can be installed on walls or on the ceiling. This solution is very effective and can be used in any space. They are used to divide large spaceshanging acoustic panels, thanks to them, the space can be visually and acoustically divided, while the space continues to have an airy impression.

There are other optionsdividing panels- screens, which are used to divide space and create zones in the interior. Helptable screensindividual jobs can be easily separated, whereasstanding screensare used to divide open spaces and create privacy.

Last but not least, they are also very popularacoustic boxesandacoustic seating furniture. The use of these elements is very extensive. They help visually divide the space, complement the interior with their design and are very practical at the same time - suitable for undisturbed work, phone calls or employee relaxation.

Are you interested in acoustic solutions? View our office projects

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