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Proposals and projects

The process of designing an interior has many parts, from the focus of the space, through its presentation in a 2D program, the completion of the concept and ideas, to the creation of 3D visualization, the selection of materials and colors. It is comprehensively a combination of aesthetics and practicality, forming a single harmonious whole.

The creation of drawing documentation is an integral part of the project, as it serves to create a price calculation and the subsequent production of interior elements. Thanks to the creation of 3D visualizations, we can easily give the customer an idea of the appearance of his future interior.

In our studio, in addition to private interior projects, we also have extensive experience in projects for public interiors - office spaces, receptions, hospital waiting rooms, bistros, ceremonial halls, multifunctional halls, etc. We always respect and try to meet the individual requirements and needs of our clients within the framework of maintaining conceptual unit. The interior designs created by us are therefore tailor-made for customers and therefore each one is original.

We also like to use a design&build approach, thanks to which we can save our clients worry, time and money.

What is design&build? Find out here

Are you interested in the process of creating a 3D visualization?

Take a look with us under the hood of modeling and rendering, i.e. the creation of the final image. We have prepared a short video for you, in which you can quickly see part of the work in the 3D program.

Do you have an interior that you need to design? Want to learn more? Do not hesitate to contact us and make an appointment with us, we look forward to seeing you.

Are you interested in our proposals? View the gallery of 3D visualizations

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