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Offices are a separate chapter of the public interior. In addition to function, it is also important to respect the corporate identity and overall visual style of the company when designing office spaces. It is also not new that a properly designed office environment, including materials and colors, increases work productivity. We have extensive experience in creating offices and they are our domain, judge for yourself. 


Public interiors

A public interior is understood as a space for commercial or recreational purposes, for these spaces there are different design principles compared to private interiors. Specifically, it is an effort to connect the functional and aesthetic aspects with respect for the purpose of the given space and the requirements of the investor. Overall, the design of the public interior should be interesting and as clear as possible for the average user.

Private interiors

Designing private interiors is a demanding industry in itself. It is important to combine family habits with the principles of designing individual rooms, zones and the activities carried out in them, whether they are routine or intimate activities. In the case of private interiors, we try to ensure that the final realization of the design evokes a pleasant atmosphere and the warmth of home. Check out the realizations below to see if we are successful.



Part of the design process is also the creation of 3D visualization. It not only forms an essential part of the complete project documentation, but above all presents the idea and idea of the design itself, including the choice of specific materials and colors. It serves to give the client a better idea of his future interior. Thanks to this, he is able to make any comments on the proposal even before the start of its implementation.

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