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Interior equipment

We represent proven domestic and foreign manufacturers of typical furniture on the market. We cooperate with the brands Profim, Rim, LDseating, MDD, Esyst, Palnas,...


We try to fulfill the wishes, requirements and ideas of the investor and coordinate everything so that the entire interior looks as pleasant as possible. We often make custom-made furniture ourselves, which is why we can offer clients interesting solutions and thus optimize the costs associated with furnishing the interior.


Noise - a problem that we very often encounter in both public and private interiors. In the home environment, it can have a long-term undesirable effect, and at work it can reduce productivity by up to half an hour a day. It is precisely for office spaces that we offer elements that eliminate noise and ensure the necessary peace of mind for employees.


Proposals and projects

The process of designing an interior has many parts, from the focus of the space, through its presentation in a 2D program, the completion of the concept and ideas, to the creation of 3D visualization, the selection of materials and colors. It is comprehensively a combination of aesthetics and practicality, forming a single harmonious whole.


Design & build

Are you an investor and need to arrange the entire project, including implementation and equipment? Do you want to furnish the interior without unnecessary worries and thus save time and money?


Contact us! We will take care of the complete project of your office or other space. We will create a proposal, visualizations and also fully equip the space. Part of the design & build approach is the implementation and coordination of all activities necessary for the successful completion of the interior, as well as quality control, which we guarantee.


Realization and production

The implementation of the project is actually the materialization of the proposal and the final result of our work. Do you want to furnish the interior, but you don't want to deal with the unnecessary worries associated with furnishing and organizing the time of the necessary craftsmen? Contact us and we will arrange everything, so your worries will disappear and you will have time for more pleasant matters.


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