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Interior equipment

We represent proven domestic and foreign manufacturers of typical furniture on the market. We cooperate very closely, for example, with the brands Profim, Rim, LDseating, MDD, Office Pro, Ton, Prowork, Kovobel, Esyst, Palnas.


We try to fulfill the wishes, requirements and ideas of the investor and coordinate everything so that the entire interior looks as pleasant as possible. We often make custom-made furniture ourselves, which is why we can offer clients interesting solutions and thus optimize the costs associated with furnishing the interior.

Get inspired by some of the products we offer below, here on the website we present only a fraction of the offer! We do not work as e-shops, but focus on entire projects and tolerate an individual approach.

What else can we offer you?

When dealing with the complex implementation of the interior, we are able to arrange everything you need in the interior. Thanks to our subcontractors, we can fulfill any wish and offer you original design elements.

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